Screenshots Posted

I've posted some screenshots in the Screenshots Section of the site. Check them out. I am very close to having a working first version available for download. Just working out a few more bugs.

Version 1 Coming Soon...

frame Flickr PhotoBox is a project created by necessity. I saw many tutorials for creating a digital photo frame from an old laptop and I had an old 266 MHz piece of junk lying around, so I decided that it might be fun to try. I saw a lot of hardware tutorials, but not many people focused on the software. I wanted to create a frame that would automatically download photos from a Flickr account, but there isn’t much out there for software. They recommended things like Slickr, but that program (although a very well designed program) requires OpenGL and a pretty good laptop to be able to run. I wanted a lightweight application that can just show the pictures and download the photos from Flickr in the background without depending on OpenGL or .NET framework. I wanted it to run on a lightweight OS such as Windows 98.

As thus, this project was born. My software is created in MS Visual C++ 6.0 and requires only Windows 98 to run. It started off as a very easy program, but I have gotten carried away and I’ve added a relatively nice GUI and some on-screen menus. I’m still working on the hardware, but I am exploring the possibility of create a remote control interface to control the on-screen menus and to skip photos.

Please check back here soon for a download of the first release and some hardware tutorials for creating your own frame.